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Our program is based on the metabolic and biomechanical demands of hockey. The season is long, every shift is different and you must be physically and mentally prepared to respond and adapt to what is thrown at it. We consider past injuries, training experience, fitness level, nutrition and lifestyle habits, recovery and timeline when creating a program that caters to your needs and goals.

The off-season is time sensitive and it is crucial that you train efficiently and use your time wisely to produce the best results come training camp. Our system is designed to do exactly that and our team has the knowledge and expertise to get you to where you need to be.

Strength & Conditioning Protocol

Personalized, based on weekly assessments in which we consider strength, body composition, past/current injuries and mobility.

EVERY training session is guided by a strength coach, giving each athlete individual attention and teaching them proper technique and execution of exercises in their program. 

Nutrition Programming & Mentorship

Nutrition is vital to muscle growth, energy and recovery. Our sports nutritionist designs a personalized protocol for each athlete that meets the requirements of their body. We educate athletes and parents on food selection and preparation, lifestyle habits and how to listen to the body. We monitor each athletes food intake through our app.  

Speed Training

We put a major emphasis on teaching our athletes how to move fast since it is such an important element in hockey. We incorporate technical sessions with a sprint coach so athletes understand movement patterns and how sprinting translates to skating faster. In order to maximize fast twitch muscle fiber you must train to be fast! 

Recovery, Mobility & Wellness

The absolute most important aspect of performance is what we do away from playing and training. The PSA gym is equipped to aid in recovery and we educate and guide our athletes through warm-up, cool-down and mobility protocols to keep them loose and pain free. Athletes may also use our licensed and insured chiropractors and therapists.

Post-Exercise Recovery Shake & Supplementation

We follow up every training session with supplementation to promote recovery and physiological adaptations. We want to ensure that athletes are maximizing the results of their training by immediately replenishing their bodies with nutritious shakes including high grade protein.

Training App

All training, nutrition and mobility protocols are uploaded to the PSA App. Features include scheduling, body stats, personal bests, instructional videos and messaging that athletes can access on their mobile device at any time. Athletes are also able to sync compatible technology such as the Apple Watch and track their nutrition.

"The culture at PSA is amazing. Every time I step in the gym it feels like home. Pure Strength has continuously helped me make the most of my off-season and prepare me to be the best I can be."



Elijah Gonsalvez


"5 years ago when I started training with PSA my goal was to play professional hockey and this year I got a tryout at an NHL prospect camp. I feel like all the training has really helped me excel on the ice."


Sean Josling

Wheeling Nailers, ECHL

"When I started training with Pure Strength I really got the chance to build my speed, strength and confidence heading into the season. Each year since, I improve my performance significantly and have full trust in the Pure Strength Team to help me get ready for the season. I am really thankful for everything they have done for me.



Luke Moncada

Cleveland Monsters, AHL

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