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Testimonials: Hockey

Elijah RIT.jfif

"Something that I have always loved about working with Pure Strength is that they will always find ways to be inclusive with everyone in the program regardless of gender and age.


When I was younger this gave me an opportunity to observe and learn from athletes who were older than me and played at levels that I eventually wanted to be at. Fast forward to today and I am now one of those athletes and I am able to be a leader within the program, which is truly an honor because I always reflect on how I was influenced by the athletes that came before me.


This creates a family like atmosphere at the gym and it is something we all love about coming to the gym every day. The culture at PSA is amazing. Every time I step in the gym it feels like home. Pure Strength has continuously helped me make the most of my off-season and prepares me to be the best I can be."

Elijah Gonsalvez
RIT Tigers, NCAA D1

Sean J San Diego.jpg

"When I started training with Pure Strength Academy at 14 years old my dream was to play professional hockey. Over the years this program helped me put on mass, increase my strength, skate faster, shoot harder and become a better athlete. Not getting drafted my minor midget year made me work harder and want to become the best I possibly could. I trained early mornings before school, on weekends and Josh always made sure to  accommodate my schedule. 


I feel like this program has helped me excel on and off the ice and contributed to the opportunities I have had since."

Sean Josling
San Diego Gulls, AHL

Luke M Vienna.jpg

"I have been working with Pure Strength for the past 5 years. What makes the program special to me is how personalized it is. Everything we do is tapered specifically to what I need and isn't just from a cookie cutter formula. 

Josh, Dallas and the rest of the team are focused on helping me achieve my goals and fine tuning my performance so I go into camp exactly where I want to be. This offseason specifically, I improved in every category for North Bays fitness testing and drastically improved my on-ice speed and agility. 

I really enjoy the track aspect of the training. It allows you to use the strength you build in the gym and transfer it into speed and quickness. Working with Tony Sharpe is a huge advantage as his expertise and insight on running mechanics allows you to maximize your potential. 

One thing that stands out is how much Josh and everyone really cares about my development. I know if I have any specific questions they are there to help me out. Having the right people to guide you through the offseason in regards to performance, recovery and injury prevention really goes a long way."

Luke Moncada
Vienna Capitals, ICEHL


"Pure Strength Academy has the culture of a close knit family. We work in small groups which allow the trainers to give each athlete the time and attention they need to excel. Our job is it work hard and improve, but we also motivate the people around us so the energy in the gym is always high and positive.

For several years, this program has helped me excel and dominate all forms of testing, both on and off ice. At the OHL Combine I tested 1st overall in off-ice testing and 2nd overall on the ice. The Kingston Frontenacs awarded me the most fit athlete during my first season in the OHL. This program has helped me achieve these accolades  and ensures I improve  each year. 

Pure Strength differs from any other programs due to the time and effort the training staff put into each athlete. Whether it be specific meal plans, specialized exercises for athletes with injuries, or just overall support, we are all given the tools we need to excel. The facility is like a second home to me and helps me learn and apply skills on and off the ice."

Emmett Gordon
Guelph Gryphons, USports


"Pure Strength Academy is professional. I have only been with Josh for a year, but noticed my development skyrocket the first summer spent with him. I got stronger, quicker, more mobile, more explosive and faster with him. These elements are what gave me an edge in the OHL and helped me take my game to new heights.


Not only was the summer hard work, but I had fun too with a great group of guys. Josh will push you to be the best player and person you can be everyday. I can't wait to spend more years training with him and his program."

Paul Ludwinsky
Kingston Frontenacs, OHL


"Pure Strength Academy is different from any other gym out there. The group is super tight, we all push each other to be the best and were together everyday, so we grow  a lot off each other. 

This program has taught me a lot about myself and has helped me grow tremendously from when I started. The summer going into my first OHL season was such a big time for me and I was going into a situation where I had to be at peak performance and I feel like I could not have been more prepared. The training, nutrition, speed, on-ice skills and everything else is really top notch. 


Pure Strength athletes train the hardest. There is no one out there that does it like us, we give our training everything we got and the energy and atmosphere is on a whole other level. We all go through pressure during the season so its really cool to come to a place where you can improve your craft everyday with people you enjoy being around. 

Pure strength has everything you need to get to the top of your game and I really recommend this program." 

Landon Cato
Niagara Ice Dogs, OHL

tnias m.jpg

"Pure Strength Academy has been game changing for me. They designed a program that helped me improve my overall athletic ability and educated me on lifestyle habits to increase my performance. 


My biggest takeaway is how crucial nutrition, sleep and work ethic are if you expect to make it to the next level. These are tips I have brought into my season and I believe they have helped me stay consistent, keep routines and work my hardest.

I enjoy everything about training at Pure Strength, but I most enjoy that it feels like a family. We went through Covid Lockdowns together and found ways to stay on task, whether through zoom calls or outdoors. 

Everyone at Pure Strength is really close and pushes each other every day to be their best."

Tnias Mathurin
North Bay Battalion, OHL

ty petrou (1).jpg

"Pure Strength Academy has helped me develop as a player both on and off the ice. Going into my first OHL training camp I felt ready and confident to battle against anyone thanks to the work I put in.


The people at Pure Strength are second to none and push you to new limits, even when you think you don't have anything more to give. Josh is more than just our coach, he is someone you can trust and is always there when you need someone to talk to or for advice."

Ty Petrou
Flint Firebirds, OHL

Nick-Trecapelli .jpg

Josh and his staff at PSA were a huge part of preparing me for my current hockey season.  My speed, agility, and conditioning vastly improved over the course of the summer because of his unique training methods.  Josh always had a positive attitude and I really felt I got the most out of each phase of the program because of his one-on-one attention.  He was hands on and always challenged me to push myself to achieve more.  The max lifts I achieved by the end of the summer were some of my personal bests.  I did not only become stronger, but my overall lifting techniques became better as Josh identified and encouraged me to work on areas where I needed improvement. 


I thoroughly enjoyed the track sessions that were part of the PSA program.  I had the opportunity to work with a world renowned running coach and my conditioning greatly benefitted from his expertise.  My movement became more explosive and fast and my recovery efficiency increased greatly. I found the yoga sessions that were integrated into the program to be excellent for recovery and to increase my range of motion.   

For me, nutrition has always been a large part of my journey to stay in shape.  Dallas was very knowledgeable in her field and gave me great tools and recommendations that were targeted to my personal health needs.  I was able to reach my goal weight, have much better digestion and greatly increase my energy overall because of her program.  I am fortunate to be able to have her as a reference for any nutritional questions I have in the future.   

The on ice sessions that were part of the program were essential for me in my preparation for my current hockey season.  I had the opportunity to skate with a variety of coaches which I found to be very beneficial because of the different drills and techniques demonstrated during those sessions.  

I will definitely continue to train with Josh in the future and would recommend his program to any level of athlete looking to take their training and performance to the next level.

Nick Trecapelli
Cortina, AlpsHL Serie A


"Pure Strength Academy has played a key role in helping me develop as an athlete and play at the collegiate level. Josh immediately identified what I needed to work on and especially helped me get stronger and faster. The work I have done with Josh and the other coaches at Pure Strength has made a big difference to my game."

Chavonne Truter
UNH Wildcats, Div 1


"Josh has played a crucial role in both my preparation and development over the last 5 years. After joining the Pure Strength family in 2017, it was evident that Josh had an immense impact on my success in hockey. He provided me the tools to reach my full potential as an athlete. The program is catered to your specific goals. Josh and the team gets to know each of us on a personal level, our strengths and needs; he truly cares about the success of everyone he trains."

Kate Maclean
Ottawa Gee Gees, USports

steve mac.jpg

"The program at Pure Strength is one that will really push you. The workouts are tough, but properly organized so I never feel like I am doing something that is going to injure me. The training has the ability to get a lot out of the athletes with leaving enough in the tank to come back the next day and do it all over again. 

A unique trait of the program is the attention to detail, especially in regards to mobility and movement. We have sessions strictly focused on mobility and weekly yoga sessions that helped stretch and relax our bodies. I also really enjoy how we train in different environments, like the beach, hills, track and field. 

In my opinion the culture at Pure Strength is what really separates this program from any other gym out there. Every athlete supports each other and wants to see one another hit new personal bests. Whether its your first year in the program, or your one of the older guys, you are treated properly and develop a  bond with the people around you. That really puts you in a position to succeed." 

Steve Maclean
Laurier Golden Hawks, USports

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