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Our System Is Designed To Get You The Results You Need To Become The Total Player



We prioritize building a rapport with each athlete and give them our full attention and effort, unlike many "programs" that rank the energy they put into someone based on where they play. It is important for us to understand who each person is, what they want to achieve and how we can get the most out of them. A big reason our athletes do so well, is because they trust us and believe in the process.



This program is for hockey players, not those that play hockey... let that one sink in. It is challenging and requires a great deal of commitment and focus. We want to work with the athletes that are serious and willing to do what is required of them to improve. Our common goal is to be the fiercest, most dominate competitor on that ice surface so the expectation at any session is the athlete train with purpose and intent. 



The Hockey Off-Season is not the "jack of all trades trainer" holding the key to success. Our team of professionals have  worked closely together over the years using our skills, knowledge and practical experience to build a comprehensive system that delivers results. Combined, our team of Strength, Speed and Skills Coaches, Sports Therapists and Nutritionists have helped thousands of elite level athletes maximize a full spectrum of performance.


There are no shortcuts and we believe each person should strive to achieve their best athletically, academically and as members of society. It is as much our goal to nurture good habits and integrity as it is to help build hockey players. Pure Strength is a positive environment where athletes are able to grow confidence and build character by utilizing the people and resources around them. We operate as a family and treat each other with respect and equality, learning and growing to become the best version version of ourselves possible.  

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"The culture at PSA is amazing. Every time I step in the gym it feels like home. Pure Strength has continuously helped me make the most of my off-season and prepares me to be the best I can be."


Elijah Gonsalvez


Sean J San Diego.jpg

"When I started training with Pure Strength at 14 years old,  my goal was to play professional hockey. I feel like this program has helped me excel on and off the ice and contributed to the opportunities I have had since."


Sean Josling

San Diego Gulls, AHL


"The first year training with Pure Strength I really noticed a difference in my speed, strength and confidence heading into the season. Each year since, I improve my performance significantly and have full trust in the Pure Strength Team to help me get ready for the season. I am really thankful for everything they have done for me."


Luke Moncada

Asiago, ICEHL


Strength & Conditioning Protocol

Personalized, based on weekly assessments in which we consider strength, body composition, past/current injuries, mobility, etc. Each session, you will work with a professional strength coach who will monitor and help guide you through various parameters of your program so you can achieve maximal results. 

Nutrition Programming & Mentorship

Nutrition is vital to muscle growth, energy and recovery. Our sports nutritionist designs a personalized protocol for each athlete that meets the requirements of their body. We educate athletes and parents on food selection and preparation, lifestyle habits and how to listen to their body. We perform weekly check-ins and monitor each athletes food intake through our training app.  

Speed Training

We prioritize weekly training sessions with our Olympic Track Coach, Tony Sharpe, where athletes learn how to move efficiently and often compete against each other or against a clock. Sprinting is one of the best ways to build resiliency and maximize fast twitch muscle fiber, which has maximum transfer to on ice performance.

Therapy & Massage Treatment

Our Director of Sports Therapy, Dr. Vasko Grujovski is an accomplished Chiropractor and Co-Founder of The Centre For Physical Therapy in Ajax, ON. Vasko's experience involve treating professional and amateur athletes in the NHL, AHL, OHL, NFL and CFL. Vasko and his team are ready to provide you exceptional service and enhance your readiness, performance and recovery  

Post-Exercise Recovery Shake & Meal Service

We follow up every training session with a high grade protein shake to promote recovery and physiological adaptations. Our reputable meal service will help you stay on track with your daily goals and provides you with a wide variety of delicious meals to choose from for as low as $8.00 per meal.   

Training App

All training, nutrition and mobility protocols are uploaded to the PSA App. Features include scheduling, body stats, personal bests, instructional videos and messaging that athletes can access on their mobile device at any time, anywhere. Athletes are also able to sync compatible technology such as the Apple Watch and track their nutrition.

Hockey Development

Our team of Elite Coaches focus on individual qualities that make an elite player such as technical skating, positional skill, puck control, IQ and awareness. Each Coach brings a wealth of knowledge to the program and have contributed to the success of several hockey players from the NHL to the amateur levels, including Stanley Cup Winner Ryan O'Reilly. Our team will help elevate your game to the next level. 

Mobility, Movement & Wellness

We focus on teaching you strategies that will enhance your preparedness, performance and recovery pre/post activity. We want our athletes to understand the importance of such strategies and proactively take care of their bodies and minds. To reinforce this process we incorporate weekly Joga Sessions. Joga is a an athletic based style of yoga used by numerous professional sports teams to enhance athletic performance.  

Game Study & Analysis

By studying film, players better understand the intricacies of the game and identify strengths, weaknesses, who they are as a player and where they can improve. From the comfort of our players lounge, athletes are encouraged to analyze film in small groups and/or with a coach so they can learn from each other.

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Program Duration

The off-season is a 12-16 week period,  

typically Mid-May to Mid/End-August. Tournaments, Showcases, Try-Outs & Camp Report Dates are all factored into consideration when designing each athletes program.

Training Schedule

After the initial assessment process, each athlete is issued a monthly training calendar specifying their session times, details and locations. Each training session typically lasts 60-90 minutes in duration.

Training Locations

Gym: Pure Strength Academy

#26 - 282 Monarch Ave, Ajax, ON


Ice Rink: Ajax Community Centre

75 Centennial Rd, Ajax, ON

Running Track: St. Mary's Catholic Secondary School

1918 Whites, Pickering, ON



youth high performance

$3,000.00 (+hst)

Elite U15 - Pro

Assessment & Customized Training Plan

4-5x Weekly Training Sessions

exercise tracking, Progress monitoring 

express athleticism through competition & Play

Post Workout Protein Shake

Bi-Weekly Physical Assessment

Weekly Nutrition Consultation & Recommendations 

Gym Apparel, Shaker, Training Bag 

$25 per session or 

$240 12 Session Package 

Elite 2009 - 2012 Born

3x Weekly Training Sessions

intro to Strength & Conditioning

focus on fundamental movement patterns

emphasis on high compete, hand-eye, spacial

awareness through competition & PLay

build good habits and a positive relationship

with off-ice training

$200.00 Per Session

(Min 20 Sessions)

Player  Strength Assessment & Body Composition

team testing report & Player Ranking

Increase Strength, Speed, Explosiveness

Nutrition Guidance


Bond with teammates & Build Culture

Access to Pure Strength Training App

mphasis on high compete, hand-eye, spacial

awareness through competition & PLay




tnias m.jpg

"Pure Strength Academy has been game changing for me. They designed a program that helped me improve my overall athletic ability and educated me on lifestyle habits to increase my performance. 


My biggest takeaway is how crucial nutrition, sleep and work ethic are if you expect to make it to the next level. These are tips I have brought into my season and I believe they have helped me stay consistent, keep routines and work my hardest."

Tnias Mathurin

North Bay Battalion, OHL

Detroit Red Wings Prospect

Nick-Trecapelli .jpg

Josh and his staff at PSA were a huge part of preparing me for my current hockey season.  My speed, agility, and conditioning vastly improved over the course of the summer because of his unique training methods.  Josh always had a positive attitude and I really felt I got the most out of each phase of the program because of his one-on-one attention.  He was hands on and always challenged me to push myself to achieve more.  The max lifts I achieved by the end of the summer were some of my personal bests.  I did not only become stronger, but my overall lifting techniques became better as Josh identified and encouraged me to work on areas where I needed improvement. 

Nick Trecapelli

Cortina, AlpsHL Serie A

10+ Years Pro Hockey


"Pure Strength Academy is professional. I have only been with Josh for a year, but noticed my development skyrocket the first summer spent with him. I got stronger, quicker, more mobile, more explosive and faster with him. These elements are what gave me an edge in the OHL and helped me take my game to new heights.


Not only was the summer hard work, but I had fun too with a great group of guys. Josh will push you to be the best player and person you can be everyday. I can't wait to spend more years training with him and his program."

Paul Ludwinski

Kingston Frontenacs, OHL

Chicago Blackhawks Prospect

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