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Keep your team strong, energized and injury-free this season!

What will set your apart as a team this season?


Coaches & Players,


Pure Strength Academy is committed to providing you with a program that will enhance your performance throughout the season and assist you in reaching your goals individually and as a team. You can expect a program that offers exceptional service and our undivided attention each session. We take our responsibility to you very seriously and are not in the business of wasting your time and money. 

Building and maintaining strength during the season is essential for optimal performance and overall health. We consider your team schedule and prescribe appropriate exercise selection, volume and intensity so players get the most out of each session without burning themselves out. We will also cover various aspects of performance including nutrition and recovery.

One of the most important and usually least talked about things we emphasize is TEAM CULTURE. Our sessions together are an opportunity for players to bond, persevere and buy into who they are as a player and what the message is as a team. We want players excited to walk through our doors and leave feeling confident and better than they did coming in. 


We are confident our off-ice development program will take your team to another level and help dominate your opponent this season!


Pure Strength Academy 

Team Training Includes

Strength & Conditioning Protocol

Each workout will assist you in maintaining and enhancing your performance throughout the season. The program considers important variables such as your training environment, schedule, past/current injuries and experience. 

Nutrition Programming & Consultation

Nutrition is vital to muscle growth, energy and recovery. After a seminar with our Nutritionist, each player will receive a nutrition package, including recommendations and recipes.

Recovery & Wellness Package

The absolute most important aspect of performance is what we do away from playing and training. We will educate and guide you through protocols keeping you healthy and pain free.

Online Training App & Support

All training, nutrition and mobility protocols are brought to you by our Training App. You will be able to track progress, schedule workouts, see personal bests and more. Each exercise comes with an instructional video and you can contact us anytime through messaging. You may also sync technology such as the Apple Watch and track nutrition.

"Josh and his staff at PSA were a huge part of preparing me for my current hockey season.  My speed, agility, and conditioning vastly improved over the course of the summer because of his unique training methods. Josh always had a positive attitude and I really felt I got the most out of each phase of the program because of his one-on-one attention."

Nick Trecapelli

Cortina, AlpsHL Serie A

"This program has taught me a lot about myself and has helped me grow tremendously from when I started. The summer going into my first OHL season was such a big time for me and I was going into a situation where I had to be at peak performance and I feel like I could not have been more prepared. The training, nutrition, speed, on-ice skills and everything else is really top notch."


Landon Cato

Niagara Ice Dogs, OHL

"When I started training with Pure Strength I really got the chance to build my speed, strength and confidence heading into the season. Each year since, I improve my performance significantly and have full trust in the Pure Strength Team to help me get ready for the season. I am really thankful for everything they have done for me."

Luke Moncada

Former Captain, North Bay Battalion, OHL

Cleveland Monsters, AHL

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